An Unlikely Choice


A little over 2 weeks ago I received a phone call that caught me off-guard. My former supervising professor from my Ed Leadership program that I completed a couple of years ago at Valdosta State University tracked me down and asked if I would be willing to serve on a newly appointed task force for the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. WOW! Me? Did he call the right person went through my mind as this is my first year as an Assistant Principal. He shared that I was being recommended to serve because of my recent perspective of the guidelines as a recent graduate of one of the state programs that is being revised.

So today I was honored to be a part of a 26-person task force to help write the guidelines for the new 2-tiered Educational Leadership rule that goes into place this year for advanced degree programs. I sat in the Georgia PSC boardroom with a representative from each of the universities in the state that offer these programs, and most of them were also previous principals or county superintendents. The wealth of knowledge and experience that was in the room was remarkable, and I was humbled to serve as the representative for someone who has recently completed an Educational Leadership program under the previous guidelines. I was nervous to attend today because of my lack of experience compared to those I knew I would meet with, but I ended my day energized by the academic 2-way conversations we shared. And I also left with a whole new heightened level of respect for principals after breaking apart each function of the 11 ISLLC standards they are ultimately accountable for on a daily basis! Can’t wait for our next meeting in February!


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