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I Believe…

I sat down tonight and wrote my belief statements as an educational leader.  Trying to put into words everything I believe about my role and education in a few sentences was challenging.  Please read what I’ve included, and I would appreciate your feedback on any gaps you may notice that I need to revisit.

I believe all decisions need to ensure they are student focused and made because they are best for students, and not because they are the easiest thing to do.

I believe all students can learn, but it is my role to make learning engaging and relevant to individual learners so they want to learn each day.

I believe technology needs to have an active role in education today to connect students globally and teach them to apply their knowledge to create new and improved products, while also preparing them for life after school.

I believe it is my role to help support the administration, students, teachers and parents and form a partnership between school and home to best serve the students.

I believe I need to continue to grow and learn each year just like I ask of my students.

What we do in education is much more than a bunch of words on a page, but these words are at the heart of who I am and what I do each day in my role.