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PLN’s on Twitter

So, I have been a huge fan of using Twitter as my PLN for the last year, but in the last 24 hours I have had an even greater appreciation for its uses and power.  Earlier this school year my principal @rondmac and I (@jamburgy) shared a few tech sessions with our staff about the uses of Twitter in education.  Quickly, several teachers saw the benefits as well, and we have been sharing ideas in our building that we learn from others literally from all over the world.

Think back a few years about professional development….it could only happen on pre-selected days when teachers sat in rooms to hear a speaker on a topic that was pre-selected for them, or when they were lucky enough to go to an off-campus staff development seminar.  Now, it’s taking place for some teachers 24/7 and on any topic that interests them or meets their classroom needs. How is this possible? Twitter has revolutionalized education! And the # gives people instant access to anything they need on a topic!

In the last 24 hours I have connected with teacher leaders all over the world through “shout-outs” using the #FF hashtag where you mention others who are worth following.  Having others share my username with their followers opens up even more opportunities for me to connect to others that I would never have the chance to meet otherwise.  I would highly recommend participating in the #FF mentions on Fridays.

This morning I was looking at my Twitter page, and in my newsfeed I saw a reminder from @cybraryman1 about a chat getting ready to start that interested me, so I quickly joined the discussion.  (@cybraryman1 has a wealth of resources on his page for education!)  I participated in #satchat where I was able to discuss #BYOT and social media in schools with many influential teacher leaders.  As my school’s ITS, I was eager to see what other districts were doing with these practices.  I was also asked to share my school’s ustream video of chicks hatching in the science lab with #elemsci.  Just another way to share with other teachers around the world the great things going on at our school @VickeryCreekES!

And through Twitter I was asked to participate next week in a Google+ hangout with influential leaders in education about the importance of decision making; something I’m honored to be able to participate in!

Would any of this have been possible without connecting with others through my PLN network on Twitter? I would venture to say NO.  Two heads are always better than one, but finding those people willing to work on a common goal is so much easier though the use of Twitter.  Yes, I’m sold on its uses and power.  Now my goal is to share this with as many others as I can…..Oh, I guess I will use Twitter to share it!